Pocket Knife Reviews


Carrying pocket knife enables you to be ready for everyday situations and work and it may take only a few days until you notice the difference. There are people who simply cannot imagine their lives without these little sharp friends. Pocket knives have become a necessary everyday tool and a good choice for gift-giving especially when they are engraved. Be it for cutting string or slicing food, making fire, hunting, fishing or self defense, pocket knives are useful tools that everyone must have. They have been manufactured and improved for a long time so that at present there are thousands of different models on the market. They come in various shapes and styles, one blade pocket knives, multi tool knives, plain or serrated edge, tactical knives, hunting pocket knives etc. What they all have in common is their relatively small size, portability and usefulness. No one should be without a pocket knife and once you start carrying yours, you will notice how frequently you need it.

Blade Types and Materials

Most knives on the market are of really good quality and constantly being improved. Since pocket knives are used on everyday basis, it is important that blades are made of high quality material If the blade is good then it will be sharpened easily, keep its edge for a long time and do the job for you precisely. Most blades are made of steel with variations in quality due to different additional substances added to steel in the production processes. Steel is often mixed with carbon and other elements for better quality results such as strenght and durability, rust and stain resistance.
With different blade types you can perform different tasks. This in reality means that you cannot get precise cutting or slicing with serrated edge knives or cut hard surfaces and materials with a small plain edge great pocket knife. Some people prefer buying several pocket knives, one plain edge knife, another with serrated edge and one partially serrated. Some knife enthusiasts possess various types of pocket knives for numerous performances, tactical knives, hunting knives, camping knives or survival pocket knives. This of course depends on the budget and individual needs.


For best cutting results one must grip the pocket knife in a comfortable way to make sure the job is done properly and to avoid your hands being covered with blisters. This is not all – you must be extra careful if working outside and in wet weather conditions or if your hands are covered with blood in which case slipping the knife may result in cuts and wounds. Manufacturers have invented handle materials that provide both good gripping and precise cutting. Pocket knives come with handles made of steel, wood, plastic, titanium, zytel plastic, carbon fiber and many other. Most popular are said to be the non-slip materials such as stabilized wood and micarta which are excellent for work knives. The best handles are ergonomic both in shape and size and provide a good grip.

Plain Edge Pocket Knives vs Serrated

The difference here is about the precision in cutting or slicing. With a plain edge pocket knife you can have precise cuts but it depends on the material you cut. Same goes for serrated edge knives – they can give precise cuts on hard surfaces and it is interesting to point here that to cut a tomato you should better use the serrated blade. Cutting it with plain edge you sometimes cannot even break the skin if it is not razor-sharp.

Best Pocket Knife

With so many articles already written about choosing the best pocket knife on the market, it has become easier for anyone to choose from hundreds of models. One of the best knives according to many is the superb Spyderco Delica, a flat knife you will feel comfortable with. Think also of Mini Griptilian or Native. Benchmade pocket knives have also been very popular due to their exquisite blade characteristics and durability. The opening and closing mechanism called Axis lock in Benchmade knives is said to be the best mechanism because it is safe, easy to use even with gloves and strong.


It is clear that to have only one pocket knife is not enough for all the various cutting jobs you might have to finish. When it comes to prices some people buy only cheap knives as they do not want to spend much on tools while others buy more expensive ones claiming that you get what you pay for. This is true for some knives but not for all. Perhaps the truth is between the two views.